Montreal Cannabis Expo

GreenPlanets Nutrients will be featured in Montreal for the 2021 Cannabis Expo! Join like-minded industry professionals working in all aspects of the Cannabis Industry, including Licensed Producers, growers, investors, suppliers, healthcare providers, job-seekers, and media at this premier event showcasing the best products, services, and world-class speakers the industry has to offer. This is the place to learn and share everything there is to know about the cannabis industry.

The Montreal Cannabis Expo is a must-attend event for anyone working in cannabis, or looking to get involved in the space. It is a great opportunity to meet other cannabis professionals and thought leaders, and kick-start meaningful conversations, relationships and deals.

Come See GreenPlanet Nutrients at the Montreal Cannabis Expo 

Come see GreenPlanet Nutrients in Montreal this year, where we will be showcasing our entire catalogue of nutrient products! Speak to the representatives who offer the most innovative nutrient products in the industry. Make new connections, elevate your growing potential, and further your cannabis education with the experts at GreenPlanet Nutrients.

The possibilities for innovation are endless – please contact GreenPlanet Nutrients for more clues on the products and information that will be available this year in Montreal.

Register for Attendance

Want to join GreenPlanet Nutrients this year in Montreal? Visit Montreal Cannabis Expo to register for their latest event.


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