Increase the weight of your harvest with Dense

Avoid loose and airy buds when using Dense in your garden

Have you ever had big, beautiful flowers after harvest, but when it came time to weight them, it wasn’t what you were expecting from your yields? You were ready for your best harvest to date with big buds, but they are not as hard and dense as you wanted them to be.

In your garden, there can be environmental factors that result in airy flowers. If the temperature around the top of your grow’s canopy is too hot, your flowers are going to loosen up resulting in an airy final product. Growers will also find that excessive levels of CO2 and hormone application can cause your yield to miss the mark on the final weight they are after.

But if you have mastered your garden environment, you are growing a healthy strain, and you have the rest of your nutrient program dialled in, you are ready to add a nutrient supplement like Dense. This is a 0-0-62 powder nutrient, delivering solely potassium (K) to your plant in late flower. When you mix Dense according to the directions, without adding any other nutrients, you can end up with a feeding solution as high as 1400 PPM of straight potassium (K). Even after one application, you will see an increase in the weight of your buds.

In 20 years of doing this, I have never seen 1400 PPM of K applied to a plant. Now that we’ve been doing it, we’re seeing great results. My clients come to me and they say, ‘That works.’

David Robinson, The Garden Sage, Author of the Grower’s Handbook

What is Dense?

Dense is our highly-concentrated potassium supplement used in the last weeks of flower. This dry fertilizer is a specially formulated blend of potassium that is used separately from your regular feeding program. Using Dense in your grow will maximize weight and bulk flowers during the bloom stage for a final crop full of dense buds.

A dry powdered nutrient used throughout the flowering stages
Can be used in these growing techniques

The power of potassium (K)

Dense is a one of a kind dry fertilizer that delivers a large dose of potassium (K) during heavy fruiting and flowering. This is completely unique from any other GreenPlanet Nutrients product we offer. Plants that are lacking in potassium during the later stages of bloom run the risk of producing airy and loose flowers. By introducing a 0-0-62 straight potassium formula to your plants, Dense ensures you get the maximum weight out of your flowers when it comes time to harvest your crop.

The results of Dense comes from the key role potassium plays in the development of flowering plants. Potassium is responsible for sugar production and the plant’s ability to store the energy it needs for healthy and vigorous flower development. It will also increase the strength of the plant at a cellular level to promote the production of sturdy stems that support large flower sites. These benefits of potassium make Dense a must use for cultivators looking to get the most out of their buds.

How do I use Dense in my grow?

Depending on your grow medium and grow system, there are 2 different ways to apply Dense:

Soil/Soilless/Coco Application: Use 1-2 grams per 1 litre (4-8 grams per 1 gallon) of water once a week. Use only in the last 3 weeks of flower, allowing at least one week for flush. Do not mix Dense with any other nutrients, mix with water only.

Hydroponic Application: Flush your nutrient reservoir of the existing nutrient solution. Add 1-2 grams per 1 litre (4-8 grams per 1 gallon) of water. Circulate in your system for up to 48 hours. Flush and then replace it with fresh nutrient solution, then repeat the following week. Use only in the last 3 weeks of flower, allowing at least one week for flush. Do not mix Dense with any other nutrients, mix with water only.

If you are a grower with your environment dialled in, plants are in good health and looking for a simple product that guarantees your plants will produce buds with maximum weight, Dense is the supplement you have been looking for.

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