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Loose Bud

Loose, sponge-like flowers can be highly disappointing. Caused by a combination of poor genetics, inadequate nutrients, swings in temperature/humidity, insufficient lighting, and stress, loose buds

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Nutrient Deficiencies

Without access to essential elements, crops can exhibit deficiencies such as yellow, purple, or bronze discoloration, spotting, interveinal chlorosis and slow, or stunted growth. Common

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Root Rot

Root rot is the archnemesis of the hydroponic gardener. If left untreated, root rot can spread like wildfire and quickly disrupt natural patterns of growth.

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Slow or Stunted Growth

Caused by a myriad of issues, slow or stunted growth can deter plants from vertical growth during the vegetative stage, and budding during the flowering

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Small Flowers

Small flowers are underdeveloped buds that have a soft and sponge-like texture. Usually caused by poor genetics, lighting, or inadequate nutrition, small flowers are annoying

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